Letter: Bus serves as many riders as possible



In his Jan. 8 letter, “Laird wrong about counting bus riders,” Paul Rollins’ bashing of Columbian columnist John Laird and C-Tran is way off the mark. Rollins’ referral to a lone bus rider on a bus is probably correct, but perhaps the bus was on its first run to the station early in the morning. What’s wrong with that? I’m taking two buses in the morning starting at 11 a.m. and they will be around half-full or better, and that’s not even rush-hour time.

C-Tran has to have set schedules that riders can depend on. These schedules come as a result of a lot of planning, not just from “Kentucky windage,” as Rollins maintained, or looking for phantom riders. Attending a C-Tran advisory board meeting might be enlightening to anyone genuinely interested.

Ken Serviss