Letter: Church should not dictate law



What are we going to do about the Catholic Church demanding that we accept its religion as legislation for the entire country; to impose its ideology on those of us who are not Catholic? I’m referring to the contraception dispute (ancient religion replacing modern medical science), as well as disagreements on abortion, which is a medical procedure, and on same-sex marriages. Are we, as a nation, going to let the Church tell doctors that Catholicism must replace medical diagnoses if this is the way the Pope sees it? Washington, D.C., is not a suburb of the Vatican. Why should the Catholic Church have any preference over the other 2,500 religions?

The Catholic Church wanting to make contraception and abortion illegal means having 12th century technology trump modern medical science.

There are many ways marriage takes place around the world, and there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that says we must illegally discriminate and support constitutional violations of equality, as the Catholic Church is demanding we do in its opposition to same-sex marriage.

Objecting to the church is not launching a war against religion; it is freedom from religion pushing back.

Larry Little