Weather Eye: 80-degree days likely to return




Our pleasant weather continues as high pressure holds over the region. Marine air continues to filter inland, keeping morning clouds and cool breezes upon us. Clouds lingered Monday, deflating the afternoon highs down into the 70s.

A repeat today and Wednesday with morning clouds and pleasant afternoon temperatures. We should see a return of 80-degree weather later this week. A few days ago we had different computer models showing various scenarios for the weekend. It appears we will now edge toward warmer high temperatures by Saturday as we could get some east winds through the Gorge.

Maybe 90 degrees or so? I see some Portland TV stations placing that number on their extended forecast. It is possible but personally, as of Monday afternoon looking at the weather charts, I would just say 80s and wait until further down the road for the hot stuff. If it did occur it would only be a one-day event. In the eastern sections of Oregon and Washington I would expect a few highs topping the century mark.

The middle of the country continues to swelter with highs over 100 degrees and that won’t change any time soon. The center of the intense heat will be moving westward briefly and that is what will give us a chance of that elusive 90-degree temperature reading. Place your bets!

As I mentioned the other day the first half of August looks mainly seasonal and dry. Highs will be near or slightly below normal. There will be some exceptions, with a day or two reaching higher, but it will be short-lived returning to the constant marine influence.

How is your garden growing? I ventured northward to Puget Sound and beyond last weekend and I didn’t see any cornfields that had corn taller than knee high. Squash and pumpkins looked well, the vines with lots of flowers just beginning to set. Potatoes were nice and lush and the tomatoes had good vines as well but no red fruit yet.

I’m thinking we will have a pleasant and dry fall allowing the crops to achieve full harvest.

See you on Thursday!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at Weather Systems.