Letter: Change in liquor law explained



Reading his June 20 letter, “Lower tax and more will buy locally,” I have to answer Jack Donaldson’s question, “I would like to know how our state got by with such a big tax increase.”

Please refer to Peter Callaghan’s June 10 column, “Liquor initiative wasn’t crafted to lower booze prices.” In it Callaghan explains all of the ins-and-outs of liquor sale privatization in our state. The increase in price is going to the retailers in the form of profit.

As Callaghan implied in his column, the vote to privatize liquor was an excellent example of people being led to believe one thing and voting for another. In this case an increase in price was the result, when just the opposite was touted.

I no longer shop at the major sponsors of this change, which I call “The Fleecing of the Washington Taxpayer.”

Tom Carney