Vancouver’s average gas price drops 22 cents in a week



Vancouver’s average gasoline price dropped another 22 cents for the week to $3.66 for regular unleaded, AAA Oregon/Idaho reported Tuesday. Just one month ago, the average price in Vancouver was $4.27 per gallon.

The Vancouver price was six cents lower than Portland’s $3.72 average. The statewide average for Washington was $3.76 per gallon, down 20 cents for the week.

In Oregon, the statewide average was $3.74 per gallon, down 19 cents for the week and the lowest since late February.

Even with the huge price drops, gasoline still cost more in the Northwest than the nation as a whole. The national average for the week was $3.40, down by 10 cents for the week and the lowest since late January. AAA predicts that pump prices will continue to fall as crude oil, which traded at around $79 per barrel on Tuesday, continues to drop in price.