Man hurt in rollover crash




Vancouver firefighters said they managed to pull a man from an overturned car Thursday by using a variety of wooden cribbing and adjustable struts to stabilize it.

At 3:23 p.m., firefighters rushed to the rollover at 12900 N.E. 87th Ave. The 21-year-old male driver released his seat belt but was trapped in the car, which was upside-down with its doors resting against the embankment and had a large intrusion in the roof.

Firefighters placed cribbing to hold the car in place, and make it safe for firefighters and paramedics to go inside. Capt. Dave Lund, realizing the cribbing wasn’t sufficient, called for assistance from crews in the Walnut Grove station, which used struts to hold the car in place, the bulletin said.

Firefighters broke a rear passenger window, pulled the driver out on a tarp and secured him in a backboard. AMR paramedics took the man to an area hospital with injuries believed to not be life-threatening. The man’s name and medical condition were not immediately available.