2 more Portland white powder envelopes; not toxic



PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Two more public buildings in Portland have received envelopes containing white powder, for a total of six in two weeks. The FBI says none of the powder has proven hazardous.

The latest suspicious letters arrived Thursday at two downtown office buildings.

FBI spokeswoman Beth Anne Steele says the agency is investigating and trying to determine whether the letters are related. After field tests by the Portland Fire Bureau, the FBI has sent the envelopes on to the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory for additional testing.

The federal agency is releasing few details but notes that a person convicted of mailing threatening communications faces a maximum 10 years in prison. Someone convicted of using a hoax substance could face five years.

The first envelope arrived April 26 at the federal courthouse. Another reached the Lloyd Center Mall on Tuesday. On Wednesday, envelopes were received at a downtown Hilton Hotel and at Port of Portland headquarters at Portland International Airport.