Letter: Support marriage equality



President Obama has finally evolved into supporting marriage equality. He feels that same-sex couples should have the right to get married. Coincidentally, this month marks the eighth anniversary of Massachusetts legalizing same-sex marriages, the first state to do so. Other states have since followed suit, including here in Washington state.

Nevertheless, opponents of marriage equality are attempting to put the recently passed law up to a ballot vote via Referendum 74 and deny same-sex couples the love and commitment recognition of marriage.

Massachusetts has experienced no detrimental effects of marriage equality. There is no evidence of heterosexual marriages or children harmed. No church, nor any minister have been forced to conduct same-sex marriage ceremonies against their wishes. No one has been jailed for speaking against marriage equality. Life goes on. I was in the Boston area recently and people still strolled the Boston Commons and kids were still eagerly waiting for their swan boat rides. Fenway Park still attracted rabid Red Sox fans.

I hope Washington state voters will scrutinize the opponents of marriage equality’s claims and take a look at Massachusetts, as well as other states that have legalized same-sex marriages, and vote to keep our marriage equality law.

Approve Referendum 74 to uphold the recently passed law.

Reuben Chong