Letter: Change is up to the voters



After 18 months of repetitive campaigning by both parties, the 2012 presidential election is finally over.

Six months of campaigning, prior to Election Day, would have been less costly and accomplished the same results.

Now, regardless of how voters feel about the outcome, there is a given: Obama is president for the next four years and cannot be re-elected. Because of that, all members of Congress have no excuse to continue their childish, combative behavior to the detriment of the health of our country.

Voters need to keep a close watch on congressional members of both parties to look for bipartisan productivity, a high improvement of civility and fewer vacations and breaks, until this country is in full recovery. Those congressional members who are not willing to change should feel the voters’ bipartisan displeasure as they are voted out of office.

If the voters do not have higher expectations of Congress and act on them, then there can be no change.

Wilfred J. Hudson