Letter: End whining and work together



Considerations now that the election is over:

  1. For voters like Alice Cox, whose letter, “Freedoms lost on election night,” was published Nov. 8, before saying we “don’t cherish our American way of life anymore,” please realize this is our way of life. We choose leaders through the election process. I understand her emotion, as my own saddest post-election day was after the 2000 race when George W. Bush took office “without” actually being elected by the people’s popular vote. But you accept it and move on.
  2. Now that this election is over, everyone please take down your signs. Our neighborhoods will thank you.
  3. To those still calling it a “close election” — with a respectable win in the popular vote, and an Electoral College margin off the map, this was a solid win for President Obama, not a “close call.”

If those who are still whining and moaning about it will take the Republicans’ own post-2000 election advice and “get over it,” perhaps we can actually move forward.

Roy G. Wilson