Letter: Difficult to uncover financial benefit



I’m concerned. This Columbia River Crossing has gotten out of control. As a longtime resident, responsible taxpayer, conscientious voter and concerned citizen, I have a number of unanswered questions.

What are the advantages financially for Clark County? I read a lot about the federal funds for light rail; however, our financial output would be much more in the future. Looking at Portland’s light rail as a example, it will always be a financial burden and never pay for itself.

How will C-Tran benefit?

Will it create permanent jobs and build business in our area, or will Oregon benefit more than us?

Why is this such an important part of the Interstate 5 bridge project? With high unemployment, cost of living growing and incomes decreasing, another tax/toll cannot be an option.

Wouldn’t it be a better investment to build our local economy with industry incentives, small-business help, opening jobs for Vancouver residents? Improve our strengths as a community making it financially strong and less dependent on Portland jobs, keeping revenue here.

Vancouver has always been a special place to live. A small-town feel with its own identity. We should not be part of Portland. Time to concentrate on the real reason the taxpayers vote against this project. We cannot afford light rail.

Laura Jones