Talking Points: Pricing LeBron’s shoes



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


OK, LeBron James says, let’s get one thing straight.

His new line of Nike basketball shoes will NOT cost $300.

They’ll cost $270.

Glad we got that cleared up.

Amid the launch for the LeBron X, the model that comes with high-end sneaker-compatible software for $270 and without the added technology for $180, James stressed that it is a matter of offering a variety of options.

“We have wide ranges of shoes that range from $300 all the way down to $160, $180,” he said, with the Nike website currently offering a signature James model at $120.

You know for $270, the shoes ought to come with a guaranteed NBA championship for the buyer.


It was a perfect day Monday for the first day of the high school golf district championships in Southwest Washington. The second day Tuesday is going to be another perfect day at Tri-Mountain Golf Course.

After today, a few lucky golfers will get to wait about 61/2 months for the right to play in the state tournament.

But who knows what the weather is going to be like next May.

So, since the 3A state tournament will be played at Tri-Mountain and 4A state at Camas Meadows and since the weather is so nice now, maybe the state qualifiers after today’s rounds should come back and play 36 holes on Thursday and Friday at Tri-Mountain and Camas Meadows.

Then, next spring the rest of the state can come up to Clark County and try to match the scores the local golfers put up this week for the state championship, while our local golfers enjoy a refreshing beverage in the clubhouse.


Don Larsen has the perfect way to pay for his grandchildren to finish college.

The 82-year-old former Yankees pitcher will auction off the pinstriped uniform he wore 56 years ago Monday when he threw the only perfect game in the World Series.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a bit,” Larsen said. “I’m not getting any younger and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be around. I want to make sure they can both go to college, which isn’t cheap these days.

“So, I figured it was the right time.”

One of Larsen’s grandkids is in college and the other is a freshman in high school.

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