Letter: No love for neighbor detected



In his Oct. 8 letter, “When you vote, consider this …” Lee Hemen quotes David Limbaugh (Rush’s brother) in demonizing Democrats as the source of everything that ails our society. While it is no surprise to hear such loathing of our fellow Americans from a Limbaugh, I find it disappointing to read such a slanted opinion, one apparently rooted in fear and intolerance, from someone who is a pastor. Rather than displaying love for his neighbor, acknowledging that he is called to be his brother’s keeper, he chooses to point fingers and spew his ignorant venom at “Democrats” without regard for the socioeconomic realities of our time. His recitation of economic statistics and criticism of spending on social programs reveals that his trust lies in something other than God’s mercy, and is unbecoming of a man of his profession.

Hemen must live in some alternate reality to believe that Democrats, not another political party, display a “let them eat cake” attitude when it comes to caring for the less fortunate. To claim that Democrats display no caring for children, the elderly, and society as a whole demonstrates a genuine lack of objectivity and concern for the truth.

Steve Hefflin