Letter: Liberals want to control free speech



Several days ago, as my neighborhood children got off the school bus, they told me about teachers telling them to tell their parents to vote for President Barack Obama. They were also told that my hanging up an empty chair on my property was racist.

These are young and impressionable children; it is abusive to use them as tools.

Clark College recently had a “diversity session,” where my chair was a starting point for discussion on racial attitudes vs. free speech and how important it is to vote for Obama.

I was taught that teachers were supposed to teach how to think, not what to think. Does anybody see a pattern here? Anybody wonder where the Occupy people got their ideas?

The Legislature, in a moment of wisdom, passed a law that says no taxpayer funds shall be used to influence the vote. So why has someone not taken these so-called “professionals” to task for breaking the law?

Why are liberals so afraid of the freedom of a responsible voter to choose whom they shall vote for?

I have put up with a lot of abuse since we hung up our chair. And I am tired of the abuse. Please vote for Mitt Romney and get this controlling liberal out of office.

Kathy Maxwell