Letter: Here’s change for which to hope



Our country is in the midst of a political race that started the day after the general election of 2008.

The “Out Of Office” political party is wasting almost all of its time and productive energy simply to make sure the “In Office” party accomplishes nothing, and President Obama is not re-elected. It shows the true concerns of most politicians. They appear to have no apparent concern for the populace in general, no matter what they say, and you usually can’t tell what they are really saying.

Changes must come. I recommend:

  1. One six-year term for the president. No campaigning or fundraising while in office.

  2. Each senator and representative can serve a maximum of two four-year terms. Can’t work for the government or lobbyists after that.

  3. All lobbyists’ books open to the public.

  4. Flat 10 percent income tax. From a starting level, no cutoff.

  5. Five percent pay into Social Security, no upper cutoff, use only for Social Security.

  6. All elected government employees, regardless of rank or pay, will receive the same benefits as, and only the same as, the general populace.

  7. Stop pandering to Middle East troublemakers. Bring our people and our money home. Help America first.

Kenneth F. Smith