Letter: Proud to stand on GOP platform



When I read the Aug. 29 Columbian story, “GOP: no abortion, yes guns; Party approves platform, staking out positions against gay marriage, health care law,” regarding the party platform at the Republican National Convention in Florida, I got so excited I was shouting and jumping in my chair. I could have almost cried I was so happy.

This is exactly what we need to take back America and our Constitution and the beliefs of our Founding Fathers. They can all stop turning over in their graves now and get ready to truly rest in peace. I am rejoicing to see this stand and have never been more proud of the GOP.

I am thrilled and excited again about my country. God bless the USA. God bless all those who are keeping us free. Make sure you exercise your right, as a member of the best country on the planet, to vote.

Alice Cox