Letter: Remember where taxes are spent



In the first paragraph of Roger W. Hancock’s Sept. 7 letter, “We can’t afford Democrats in power,” he brings up the old buzz words, “Democrats tax and spend.”

That, according to Hancock, is the reason for all our problems. He does state one truth: The Democrats do tax and spend. They tax each of us and then they spend the money in order to provide the necessary services that each of us asks for.

Services such as roads, schools, public safety, fire districts, parks, programs for those who have fallen on hard times.

The list of services our tax dollars provides goes on. We are not entitled to these things without paying for them.

So when the statement is made that Democrats tax and spend, please enlighten us as to where you think the money goes.

I know one thing for sure: You won’t find any of it in the Cayman Islands.

As for Washington state being on top until four years ago. Do the words “worldwide recession” ring a bell?

I know, I know. It must have been those tax-and-spend Democrats at it again.

Jim Chiappetta