Letter: Shared bike lane plan is dangerous



I am concerned about the city’s “new” plan to mix bicycles and autos in the same lane on MacArthur Boulevard. I am a proponent of the “sharrow” system and use those streets frequently in Portland. A fundamental component of the Portland system is the use of quiet neighborhood streets. But the proposed “sharrow” system on MacArthur does not share that key element. The width and “freeway” feel of the boulevard and the speed at which motor vehicles travel on the street render MacArthur Boulevard anything but a quiet neighborhood street.

Using the MacArthur “sharrow” lane will place adult recreational riders and bike commuters in serious danger. The thought of children on bicycles in such a traffic lane brings chills to the spine. What kind of message regarding bicycle safety are we sending children at two schools that border MacArthur and in adjacent neighborhoods with this kind of “bike path”?

Riding a bicycle in a lane shared with 35 mph motor vehicles is a disaster waiting to happen.

The city needs to refocus on work that was done in 2004 on the City Transportation System, the 2010 Neighborhood Visioning Statement and the current comprehensive plan and adopt the MacArthur Boulevard single auto lane in each direction model that was previously adopted.

Lou Elliott