Letter: Extending constitutional argument



Jim Williamson’s April 7 letter, “ACLU is anti-American,” blaming the ACLU for millions of abortions, seems to not take his accusational conclusion far enough. He accurately asks, “Where in the U.S. Constitution or its amendments does it provide for ‘reproductive and end-of-life services?'” I am curious why he didn’t add that our Constitution also doesn’t provide for “rights” to deny life with any birth control practice, which, along with abortion, is for purposes of convenience and presumed improved quality of life for humans living outside the womb.

Since abortion and birth control behaviors are premeditated killing or denial of life, then wouldn’t those guilty of them deserve life imprisonment or execution? Also, if reproductive rights were illegal, it would be anticipated that millions more children would be born and decrease the quality of life nationally.

Williamson has the right to blame the ACLU or anyone supporting rights of abortion. But the constitutionalizing of his opinions against reproductive rights of abortion and possibly against birth control is basically beyond the realm of enforcement.

Studying the perspectives of this topic is the solution that allows people free to choose.

Jim Postma