Weather Eye: Take a day off this week and fly a kite at Long Beach




Another picture-perfect Saturday, without the humidity that lingered for several days.

I know we are wimps when it comes to high humidity, but at one time on Friday, the metro area had higher humidity than most of the nation. Cool dry air from Canada dumped into the mid-section of the country and eastward, bringing what some meteorologists called Augtober — the air felt more like early October than mid-August.

More enjoyable weather is on the way with low clouds here and there and highs of 80 or better all week. There’s no rain in sight, so keep watering the lawn and garden.

Someone asked me the weather at Long Beach for the big kite festival that begins Monday and runs through the weekend. Good news there as well: No rain and partly sunny skies in the afternoon after morning clouds and highs in the 60s. Typical summer beach weather.

As skies clear at the beach Monday, nice northwest afternoon breezes will develop — generally 10-15 mph but gusts to 25, so let those kites fly. Have you ever attended the festival? It is absolutely amazing, with the various kites and whirligigs, and the colors are unbelievable. Skip work one day this week and take a short drive to see it.

Temperatures are rising east of the mountains again, not good news for wildfires. Afternoon temperatures Saturday were in the 80s and 90s. Thunderstorms may develop over and east of the mountains by midweek.

No signs of 100-degree weather. Last year we had two triple-digit days — 100 on Aug. 16 and 103 on Aug. 4.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist: