Letter: Will of the community ignored




In a letter dated Aug. 8 to Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson, state Sen. Curtis King, R-Yakima, (friend of Senators Don Benton, R-Vancouver, and Ann Rivers, R-La Center) wrote that “The governor’s insistence on including the CRC with light rail in the revenue package … provided the death blow to the entire package.” Well, as King well knows, not including light rail as the transit option would have been the “death blow” to the Columbia River Crossing project.

I am confused why King, Benton and Rivers continually dismiss the decade of work and the input of thousands of Clark County citizens. The option to have light rail across the replacement Interstate 5 Bridge was made by our citizens and local elected officials in 2008. Stop wasting taxpayer money and ignoring the will of our community and get this bridge built.

Thank you to Gov. Jay Inslee for not giving in to the small but vocal minority of citizens who do not believe in progress or jobs for our community.

Marsha Manning