Letter: Misconceptions about ACA spread



My note I recently sent to Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, (other politicians take heed) quoted here:

“Concerning your website: Your drop-down ‘Issue’ menu does not include the issue of the ACA, which is primarily an expansion of the ‘issue’ Medicaid. I have noted the comments of others on your website, but I do not do Facebook, so I can’t participate there. If I could, I would respond to some of the blatant lies that your site has allowed to be posted (and for which you have not offered any corrections) — comments such as ‘review boards’ to see who gets coverage (the old Sarah Palin ‘death panel’ attempt to scare the citizenry), comments from those who claim they ‘will not be able to get insurance,’ etc., are outright falsehoods. If you allow them to be posted on your site, please have the courtesy to respond with the truth. Under the law known as the ACA, it is estimated that there will be around 10,000-plus people eligible to sign up for health insurance in Clark County alone. Go ahead, keep taking your marching orders from the Republican Party extremists who continue to waste the taxpayers’ time with frivolous votes (now over 40) to repeal the ACA. You will lose those 10,000 constituent votes, and more.”

Louis Marteeny