Letter: Levy has value for whole community



I am a taxpayer in the La Center School District. I am also the superintendent of schools. Wearing both of these hats gives me a unique perspective about the upcoming maintenance and operations levy.

As a taxpayer, having a quality school system enhances my property. Without local support of levies and bonds, our schools would wither, and so would our home values.

Of the revenue to operate our schools, 23 cents of every dollar is connected to the M&O Levy. I also am pleased as a taxpayer that the school board chose to keep the request level for the next three years.

As a superintendent, I know first-hand the promises made. Our outstanding music and drama programs, extracurricular opportunities, enhanced learning supports and smaller class sizes are directly linked to this levy. Even in challenging economic conditions, we have maintained and expanded services. La Center School District has the county’s second highest on-time graduation rate while operating with the second-lowest M&O levy amount per student. As a taxpayer and as an educator, I’m voting “yes” on the Feb. 12 levy. I’m also voting “yes” on the Capital Projects levy because I know it, too, will be a great value for our students and community.

Mark Mansell

La Center