Self-defense cited in Chehalis homeowner’s shooting of man



CHEHALIS — The Lewis County sheriff calls a Chehalis homeowner’s wounding of an intruder a “classic case” of self-defense.

Sheriff Steve Mansfield said Monday that, in his words, “You cannot depend on law enforcement and your government to protect you in every aspect of your life.”

The sheriff’s office says the 24-year-old homeowner called 911 early Sunday when he heard someone outside his home. Armed with a pistol, he was waiting for officers to show up when a man entered the home and started walking toward him.

The homeowner told deputies he ordered the man to stop, but the man charged him instead. He fired one shot and wrestled with the man until he was able to get free and hold the man at gunpoint.

The sheriff’s office identified the intruder as 51-year-old Brian L. Creed. He was taken to a Seattle hospital in stable condition. He was to be held for investigation of burglary and assault.

The prosecutor’s office will review the shooting.