Letter: Let park service manage museum



I would agree with Clare Wilkinson’s Feb. 12 letter, “Park Service does fantastic job,” concerning the excellent management of our local National Park and toward its own policies. I feel that prior to the city of Vancouver being involved with the museum, the Park Service and all volunteer workers enjoyed an excellent rapport with each other toward a common goal of a grand museum, all connected with history. I enjoyed taking my relatives and my overseas visitors to the site.

When the city took over, it used to make me cringe to see some of the wonderful “one-of-a-kind” mock-ups, created by the all-volunteer staff being abused or destroyed when the city turned the museum into a moneymaking machine, rented out for dances, weddings and other non-history-connected events.

I suspect there is more to the story and I hope the “Big Guns” the city will turn to will truthfully acknowledge this.

Let the National Park Service continue its excellent management under its own leadership and managerial abilities of this great historic site.

Carl W. McHargue