Talking Points: 49er fans not always golden children




Fans in Oakland and Philadelphia have a bad reputation.

If you listen to those who think they are in the know, you just can’t go to Oakland wearing the colors of the other team or you will get beat up — or worse.

In Philadelphia, they will assault opposing fans and cheer injuries to opposing players.

Yes, these things have happened in both cities. But no more there than anywhere else these days.

Then there’s San Francisco, with all their fans tying their red sweaters around their necks, sipping wine and giving a golf clap if the 49ers score a touchdown.

They’re so polite.

So noble.

So, oh my gosh, what the heck is going on in San Francisco?

At Saturday’s playoff game against the Green Bay Packers, 92 fans in San Francisco were ejected from the stadium for fighting or public intoxication. Of those fans, 25 were arrested. More than 60 fans needed medical attention.

Guess we should be relieved the the 49ers won, huh?

Whenever you get 60,000 or more people gathered together and serve alcohol, there are going to be problems. Some cities have bad reputations. Others do not.

But this behavior happens in every city at every sporting event. Not just Philly and Oaktown.

Most fans are just there for a good time.

A few like to ruin the good time.