Letter: Obama won; deal with it



How much more must we endure the crazies running the GOP? They’re out of touch with the American people and have been since George W. Bush was president. I’ve been pleading with moderate Republicans for years to step up, for the sake of our country.

For all of those out in the hinterlands who can’t comprehend a black man as president, Obama is for real. He’s smart, cool, calm and collected. He listens and rarely barks. He is an African-American, Christian family man and patriot doing what we, the majority, elected him to do.

Republicans lost again. Get over it. He’s not out to take your guns away, unless you need a semi-automatic rifle for hunting. If you do, hang it up. It’s time to wipe away the decades of prejudice and move on. Time is running out.

I keep the Constitution next to my bed and I’ve read the part about “A well-regulated militia,” etc. Did they put the word “regulated” in there by mistake? I think not.

Rich Stever