Letter: Herrera Beutler is no ‘centrist’



Once again, The Columbian showed its effusive adoration of Rep. Herrera Beutler with a huge spread on Jan. 20, “Rising star, varied stripes.”

Your claim that she is a centrist politician is ludicrous.

Voting with her own party 91 percent of the time is hardly centrist. The only substantial issue in which she ever voted against her party was the recent tax increase on the super-rich.

I have found her to be woefully uninformed on many of her statements.

Her predecessor, Brian Baird, was a far more centrist politician who truly bucked his own party on substantial issues.

The true test of The Columbian’s centrist claim will be whether she votes for common-sense limitations on guns such as universal background checks and a ban on large magazines and assault weapons. I will be looking to see if Herrera Beutler will knuckle under to the National Rifle Association and the far right.

David Miller