Letter: New ideas for river crossing



With the demise of the Columbia River Crossing, we must look to the future. Both Oregon and Washington should appoint a new committee consisting of three Department of Transportation employees to pursue the needs of connecting the two states. This committee should review all requirements, such as a 144-foot minimum height, the number of lanes, etc., then submit open bids to contractors. Three bridges should be considered:

  1. Interstate 5 Bridge with 10 lanes approximately 11/2 miles long (Hayden Island on/off ramps beneath I-5 from Marine Drive).

  2. Interstate 5, between Kalama and Woodland, to Highway 30 in Oregon with two to four lanes.

  3. State Highway 14 at 192nd Avenue to 181st Avenue at Interstate 84.

Both states should dedicate a “fee” of 1 cent per gallon of fuel; 50 cents per tire; and a 5 cent surcharge on all vehicle parts to cover costs for constructions and maintenance.

In the early 1970s, while Interstate 205 was being designed, plans were proposed for light rail to extend north from the Gateway area in Oregon to Portland International Airport (now done) and into Washington down the median clear to the Clark County Fairgrounds. Intent was to increase attendance for more events for both local areas.

John A. Nyberg