Letter: Help is available in churches



Over the last few years, I’m deeply saddened by recent reports of students and adults who felt their only hope of relief from their internal battles is to take their own life. I can recognize some of the pressures and internal struggles that many have faced in their personal lives. In my own journey as a man, I found that my process of healing my heart and soul required talking openly and honestly with a small group of mature Christian men; contrary to the debilitating “masculine persona” that states that “I don’t need anyone and I’m OK.” My weakness drove me to find others who could help me, and ultimately allowed me to find victory over my internal battle.

Thankfully, with the help of my mature friends and a little honesty and openness, true peace was achieved. My journey began by acknowledging my need for help, and then walking into a local church and asking for the most mature men’s group available. Those who are looking for internal peace can find it.

Adam Babuka

Battle Ground