Letter: Check out Ridgefield's attributes



One effect of the Clark County commissioners' retracting all developmental fees and traffic impact fees would be to degrade the county's infrastructure as it bids to attract commercial and industrial development.

The fee retractions also put the county in direct competition with its cities. So, game on!

The city of Ridgefield has decided to be "better than average" and has written a development code to match. Both the city and the port of Ridgefield have invested in infrastructure that is in place or in progress. The quality "Original Discovery Corridor" is ready for quality commercial and industrial businesses with quality jobs.

Think "Lake Oswego North."

Think authentic, active old town and National Wildlife Refuge.

Think parks and trails.

All this with airport access via Interstate 205, not Interstate 5. Port of Ridgefield has land, both at the I-5 junction and on Lake River near the Columbia River.

Think active community, past and present.

Our community center was built by volunteers and community groups, and is managed by volunteers. Our mayor is a genius in his ability to use employee community service hours, Eagle Scout projects and anyone available to make meaningful and needed differences in Ridgefield.

Do a drive-through. We think your employees will want to stay.

Sydney Reisbick