Weather Eye: Get ready for more high temps in 30s




Several greetings here: Happy Super Bowl Sunday. Happy Groundhog Day. Welcome to the Polar Express.

OK, only two of the above are weather related, but we must be loyal to our home state football champions. Go Seahawks!

Punxsutawney Phil probably didn’t see his shadow this morning, according to the weather forecast I looked at Saturday evening while writing this column. The forecast called for clouds with maybe some rain or snow. That means spring may be early this year. The folks on the East Coast can sure use that after several arctic episodes of cold, snow and ice.

Speaking of arctic, it is our turn to get another visit via the polar express this week. A couple of weak systems will drag cold air down from Canada beginning later today and Monday.

We may see some light showers through early Tuesday and perhaps a flurry or two Monday night or early Tuesday before skies clear and the east wind begins howling. The east wind this go-around will be more widespread rather than a gap wind through the Gorge.

Temperatures will plummet much like with the arctic outbreak we endured in early December. Some helpful tips: If you removed the outside faucet covers, place them back on and remove any hoses. Prepare for lows in the 20s and teens, maybe single digits in the coldest areas out of the wind.

Also prepare for some very dry air with dew points near zero and resulting humidity in the single digits.

When you heat your house the air inside will dry greatly. Get out the humidifier and a can of Static Guard. You will need it.

I mentioned last week we would be dry and chilly this week, but lo and behold it appears like the computer forecast models have finally decided on a more intense dose of cold air. Amazing.

Enjoy the “warm” daytime highs today, as we will be in the 30s or lower the rest of the week for highs.

For any relatives of Punxsutawney Phil out in our neck of the woods, they may see their shadow.

Six more weeks of winter for us? Might be a good thing, as we need more snow in the mountains.

Stay tuned and prepare for a possible snowstorm by the weekend. We escaped that last time, but there’s a better chance this time.

Enjoy the game.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at