Letter: Disrespect is too typical of GOP



Just had a few thoughts on Lou Brancaccio’s Jan. 8 column, “Bad company till the day we die?

First, state Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, will never resign. why should he? He has two jobs, neither of which he is qualified for, that allow him to feed at the public trough to the tune of approximately $150,000 a year. Boss Tweed would be proud.

Second, his dust-up with state Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center. This is where the 11th commandment of the Republican Party comes into play. When asked if she would ever vote for him, her wishy-washy answer tells me that the crude, boorish and disrespectful behavior that is typical of “Tea Party” Republicans is not only ignored by party leaders but is tacitly condoned as long as it is not aimed at them.

Finally, the M&M boys. It is rumored that Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart may not run for re-election because of the frustration of dealing with his fellow commissioners. Please don’t do this. If another Tea Party-type were to be elected, even more stupid stuff would become the norm, not the exception. See 1.

Terry Viertel