Letter: Integrity clear in election process




The Clark County Elections Department was busy one morning last week. As an official election observer, I took it all in.

• At the front counter a variety of citizens were being helped in their civic duty.

• An elderly woman hand carried her ballot: “I want my vote to be counted!”

• A young mother sat at a table and spoke to the 6-month-old in the stroller: “You get to watch mommy vote.”

• The citizen of Russian descent had just moved from Oregon and wanted to register.

• A signature verification was needed.

• Most commonly, replacement ballots were provided to citizens who had moved.

Every citizen was welcomed and assisted by county staff.

Beyond the counter, in the heart of the department, the process of verifying and readying ballots for the count on Nov. 8 was underway. An army of election workers carefully and cheerfully followed strict protocol to ensure a free and fair election. The professionalism and integrity with which our ballots are processed is beyond reproach.

Fellow citizens, we can trust the election process. When the results of the election are known, it will be our civic duty to trust and support the outcome.