Letter: Left’s propaganda fails




It’s mindful to note that the same people who eight years ago demanded a president be elected based largely on skin color, again insisted that a like standard be applied, this time to a woman.

Unsurprisingly, a Clarence Thomas or Margaret Thatcher type need not apply. The demolition of reason and evidence based on facts on the part of the left easily entertained Hillary Clinton as their next great Socialist capo. As discovered, she is a mechanical Marxist with an unhealthy splash of Learjet Leninism. It’s probably a sucker bet that Donald Trump will be what he says he is. It’s far more likely he’ll be the next pretender to immediately totter off to the left. Not one Republican president has survived this test in 100 years.

Democrats have ever been connoisseurs of election theft and fraud. One man aptly described communism as a conspiracy that is out in the open and, over a century ago, it found a snug home in the Democrat Party.

A few of its tactics evident today are to always preach true democracy but seize power as ruthlessly as possible coupled with the patient and persistent application of both spectacular and low-frequency propaganda.