Letter: I-732 is good for the state




Taxes are the price we pay for civilization. Unfortunately, here in Washington taxes tend to support the rich rather than the poor or middle class. We can change both this and our future by voting for Initiative 732.

Tax money from fossil fuels would go not to the government but to the lower and middle class which most need it. In addition to finally getting serious about our moral obligation to take action on climate change, states with strict environmental laws (California, Washington, Oregon) do much better economically than states with poor environmental records (West Virginia, Louisiana, Alabama).

Just the 1 percentage point reduction of the state sales tax will save hundreds of dollars per year for an average household in Washington. I-732 is revenue neutral and will not give government more power or more money. This will provide more fair taxes for the poor and middle class while giving Washington citizens a healthier environment and a more competitive industrial base.

I hope the reader takes time to check out the facts on I-732 for themselves at http://www.yeson732.org/.