Letter: County should follow marijuana law




In her recent guest column, Ann Donnelly tells us Clark County councilors will soon consider whether to allow the sale of recreational marijuana in unincorporated Clark County (“Clark County must count human cost of marijuana,” Nov. 5). Why? Why is it up to them? Or maybe a better question is “How?” How is up to them?

I seem to recall an election back in 2012 when we the people, we the voters, voted to legalize marijuana in the state of Washington. Of course it’s not as simple as that, and there do have to be rules. Rules I get. But shouldn’t we have another vote if we’re going to outright ban sales in certain areas? Before we banned sales in unincorporated Clark County, shouldn’t the residents have to be able to vote for or against this ban?

Donnelly goes on to give us a list of the evils of marijuana, and how it will be the downfall of America. All are things that could be said of alcohol as well. And yet alcohol is legal. Prohibition showed us how well bans work. I myself do not partake, but I believe in allowing those so inclined to do so, especially since that’s what was voted into law in 2012.