Letter: Traffic will only get worse




I suppose that many people are excited about the waterfront developments, leading to our soon-to-be burgeoning downtown. I, personally, am concerned about infrastructure. Will there be enough parking, or is the proposed raise in parking meter fees going to help somehow?

A far more critical issue is this: how are people going to get here and home from Portland? Ha! Rhetorical question. Added to that, with more vehicles on that stretch of freeway, what happens in 2019 when they close all northbound lanes of Interstate 5 (for an unspecified length of time) to fix that cursed crack in the lifting systems’ axle?

I have been assured by our local representatives that traffic must be addressed at a state level rather than something the city can influence, and though traffic jams are backing up through town, there is nothing they can do to alleviate them. Well, shucks.

And now, Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas (whose ideas may be good, but don’t have the backing of any state official that I know of), throws her hat into another race. Sigh. As our president would say — “Sad.”