Letter: Conservation district plays key role




I remember when the Clark Conservation District changed its name to distance itself from the term “county.” There were times when farmers would run them off their land, because they saw the county as just as big a threat to their rural lifestyle as the evils of developers and builders. The name change had immediate results. But one thing did not change. The county and not a few planners and developers and builders had their way and they continue to ruin habitat that made Clark County so appealing to natives and interlopers like me and my family.

The Conservation District has been instrumental in helping conserve and repair buffers along streams, spring creeks, and drainages that serve as winter rearing areas for salmonids, and riparian habitat for as far back as I can remember. And they have continued as the county has slowly reprioritized, just like when the Watershed Stewards program was defunded.

Clark Conservation District has been, and continues to be, the best deal anywhere. And slowly bleeding it by defunding and lack of support is a heinous transgression to the people of Clark County.