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Dec. 9, 2019

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Letter: Deadlines, decisions can be difficult

The Columbian
Published: December 26, 2011, 4:00pm

I find many of the complaints and comments about The Columbian almost laughable. Too liberal; too conservative; too left; too right; yet biased.

Having worked for a major metropolitan daily newspaper, I fully understand the meaning of “deadline,” how hard it is to meet those deadlines and publish something new and interesting each and every day. The Columbian staff is not a group of talking bobbleheads making a small fortune reading the news on network television. The staff is a group of local people dedicated to reporting local news and being involved in our community — a staff willing to wrap Christmas presents to make the holidays happier for a local family; to report personal interest stories and respond to questions from readers.

If you feel that The Columbian is biased, I suggest you try reading that other area metro paper from across the river. And if you think it needs so much improvement, I suggest you start publishing your own version of a daily. Until you have personally dealt with the deadlines, judgments and costs of publication, I doubt you would print anything worth lining the bottom of your birdcage with. To all of The Columbian staff, I say “thanks,” and wish them the very best for the coming year.

Ed Delph

Brush Prairie

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