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Madore has given campaign more than $300,000, records show

He has spent twice as much as any other local office candidate in state

Published: October 17, 2012, 5:00pm

Wealthy businessman David Madore has $329,542 in his campaign war chest — $314,267 of it his own money and $5,898 in-kind contributions from his company, U.S. Digital — and has spent $266,214 so far in his effort to defeat Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt.

Cash and in-kind contributions from Madore supporters total approximately $9,000.

Updated reports filed with the state Public Disclosure Commission show Madore, a Republican, has spent more than twice as much money than any other candidate for local office statewide.

Ridgefield businessman Joe Tanner, who has raised $132,833 in his race against Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke, has spent $117,086, the second-highest amount among local candidates statewide. Tanner, a Democrat, has put $31,000 of his own money into his campaign, and lent his campaign $10,000.

Ballots were mailed this week for the Nov. 6 general election.

Boldt, a Republican seeking his third term, has raised $80,850 and spent $67,620, none of which is his own money.

Mielke, a Republican seeking his second term, has raised $24,503 and spent $19,039. He contributed $5 and loaned $2,750 to his campaign.

Madore has paid a San Francisco company, Dresner, Wickers, Barber and Sanders, a total of $122,947 to create ads and buy time to air them.

Madore has paid $13,350 so far to Anna Miller, his campaign manager and member of the Clark County Republican Party’s executive board, which voted to withdraw support for Boldt for being too moderate before Madore announced his candidacy.

The Clark County Democrats stopped short of endorsing Boldt, but encourage members to vote for him. On the party’s website, it says, “Marc has worked well for the county and with our (Commissioner) Steve Stuart for some time, and deserves to hold his seat over the apparently power-hungry and bridge-divisive Madore.”

The Southwest Washington Central Labor Council took a similar approach, as it endorsed Tanner but instead of endorsing Boldt, wrote, “Oppose David Madore.”

Other big-money races

In the most competitive legislative race in Clark County, 17th District Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, has raised nearly $400,000 in campaign contributions, while his challenger, state Rep. Tim Probst, D-Vancouver, has raised nearly $240,000.

Benton has spent more than $256,000 on his campaign, and Probst has spent more than $221,000.

Neither Benton nor Probst have put their own money into their campaigns, according to the PDC.

In another 17th District race, Republican House candidate Julie Olson has raised about $173,000 in campaign contributions, and spent more than $130,000 of that money. Her challenger, Democrat Monica Stonier, has raised about $111,000 and spent about $105,000.

In the 18th District, Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, has been another big spender this election season. She’s spent more than $107,000 of the roughly $162,000 she’s raised.

Her challenger, Democrat Ralph Schmidt has raised about $5,000.

In the 49th District, Democratic Senate candidate Annette Cleveland raised more than $109,000 in campaign contributions. Of that, she’s spent about $84,000. State Rep. Jim Moeller, D-Vancouver, has raised more than $98,000 in his campaign for re-election, and he’s spent more than $78,000.

Cleveland’s Republican opponent, Eileen Qutub, has raised more than $37,000 and spent more than $28,000. Moeller’s Republican challenger, Carolyn Crain, has raised more than $9,000 and spent about $7,700.

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