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Serendipity specializes in comic book artwork

By PAUL KAZA for The Columbian
Published: February 26, 2016, 5:45am

Serendipity Art Sales has moved into a studio space adjacent to I Like Comics. Jerry and Eleanor Livengood own and operate the business, which is focused on acquiring the original art used in comics and also commissioning original pieces.

Much of the original art is produced by illustrators who create visuals for characters in movies, television programming and comics.

The company offers not just original art from the standpoint of being singularly beautiful, menacing or exhilarating. Serendipity’s art can have one — or all — of those characteristics. And buyers can be certain it has been created only once, and there will never be another depiction or any duplications. Traditionally, artists execute their work with pencil, black ink or paint. Today, working digitally is dominant — especially at the juncture when colors are being integrated.

Serendipity’s studio space is separate and distinct from I Like Comics, yet its inside entrance is simply an open doorway from the comics store. The two share professional and personal relationships.

“I first got to know Chris as a customer of his store,” said Jerry Livengood, referring to Chris Simons, owner of I Like Comics. “We’ve been friends, and now we’re working right next to each other.”

Interest in original art — both in terms of its visual statement and its monetary value — has been around since the 1930s. But the seeking, finding and spending for original visual expressions has risen dramatically since the late 1990s, according to Livengood.

While original art expression continues to gain stature as a viable investment, money isn’t the motivator for Livengood. He’s getting to know the artists whom he only knew from afar in the past. He also has found joy in securing a piece that brings a sparkle to a customer’s eyes.

“The best part is that — for the very first time — my career is centered in something I love,” he commented. “We’ve just moved in, but the entire space looks great. It helps to have compelling art to put on the walls,” Livengood said with a smile.

Serendipity Art Sales is open daily from 10 to 7 p.m. The store will host an all-day grand opening on Saturday, March 19. Three artists with extensive work experience at DC, Dynamite and Marvel will be on hand for the open house: Pete Woods, Dan Schrade and Ibrahim Moustafa. There will also be a raffle to support the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics. Entrants will have a chance to win original art, cover sketches and prints.