Saturday, September 18, 2021
Sept. 18, 2021

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Letter: Censorship can deny all opinion


Tears flow down my cheeks as I read of the torture some readers go through when they read Thomas Sowell’s weekly column. Their pleading for The Columbian to stop carrying his column tears at my heart. The anguish the writers go through detailing point by point of where they disagree with him is almost too much to bear.

I know our Founding Fathers put the words “freedom of speech” in the Bill of Rights, but surely they meant only speech we agree with. Is it possible that The Columbian could be guilty of a hate crime for printing his column? Why don’t they just print opinions that everyone agrees with?

No doubt the censorship these writers ask for should supersede the large number of Columbian readers who enjoy Sowell’s column. Obviously it would be too much to recommend to them to simply not read the column if it offends them so much.

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