Wednesday, July 15, 2020
July 15, 2020

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Weather Eye: Amid air stagnation advisory, forecast sees cracking of inversion


Let’s face it, Saturday was a gloomy day. Light rain at times, low clouds, cool temperatures: plain yucky. We deserve better, don’t you think? It’s OK to complain about the weather; most folks do when it isn’t to their liking.

Even though we will have a break in the dampness, with a sluggish pressure pattern, we will have calm winds and therefore an inversion. All that nasty stuff will be trapped in the lowest 1,500 feet or so of the atmosphere. The National Weather Service has an air stagnation advisory out for the county until Tuesday. Maybe delay burning wood stoves and fireplaces until we get some fresh air.

We do have a chance of a little more rain and breezes on Tuesday, and then a stronger weather system is still forecast for Thursday and Friday. With colder air aloft this storm will crack the inversion and bring fresh snow to the mountain ski areas.

Remember the other day I shared that last month was the sixth-driest November on record with 1.57 inches? With the jet stream aimed at California, Oakland and San Diego had more rain in one day last week than Vancouver had all of November. Is that crazy or what?

The weather of late is acting like an El Nino winter with the main storm track into California. This is technically a “neutral” year.

I’ll leave you with this: On how many days last month did we have fog? Is your memory kind of foggy?

OK, we had 23 days with fog.

Enjoy your week and we’ll chat on Tuesday.