Friday, October 15, 2021
Oct. 15, 2021

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Clark Asks: Voters, conifers and I-205 weather

Want to decide what we report on next? Take part in our voting round, which ends Wednesday

By , Columbian Metro Editor

There is still time to make your voice heard in deciding the next topic The Columbian’s reporters will pursue as part of our Clark Asks feature.

The questions for this week’s voting round come from three local readers who reached out to our Clark Asks page to take part in our reporting project guided by readers and their interests.

You have the option of choosing one of three questions:

• “How many people live in each Clark County Council district? How many registered voters live in each Clark County Council district?” from Ben Joner of Vancouver.

• “Conifers seem to be in distress. Several in my neighborhood are dying. Anything plans stop this and plant? What is the tree canopy percent?” by a reader who chose to remain anonymous.

• “Weather can seem different depending on which side of I-205 you travel going east or west. Is it my imagination or a real thing?” by Chris Prothero of Vancouver.

The voting round continues until Wednesday at We will announce the winners later in the week and get to work on the story.

If your favorite doesn’t get the most votes, don’t despair: We often pursue second- and third-place stories, as well. They’re all good questions. It’s just that the top vote-getter gets top priority.

After you’ve voted, go ahead and offer up your own question about a place, person or an issue in Clark County that mystifies or intrigues you. Is there something that you’ve always wondered about? Clark Asks is your chance to get the answers.

We most recently dug up the history of an abandoned pedestrian tunnel under Northwest 99th Street near Columbia River High School and wrote about it for the Jan. 9 Neighbors section.

We’ve also found out what happens when you don’t have exact change on C-Tran, who built a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge in Ridgefield and when the Columbia River last froze over in Vancouver.

All those questions came from our readers.

What questions do you have?