Saturday, December 5, 2020
Dec. 5, 2020

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Eco-friendly burger coming to 10 Burgerville locations

The Columbian

Vancouver-based fast food chain Burgerville announced this week that it will add a new burger to the menu at 10 restaurants in the Portland metro area and Clark County. The addition, dubbed the No. 6 Burger, emphasizes locally sourced and environmentally friendly ingredients, according to a press release from Burgerville.

The beef comes from grass-fed cattle from a ranch in Oregon, the cheese comes from a creamery in Bandon, Ore., and the bun uses flours from a farm in Walla Walla and a mill in Junction City, Ore. The press release bills the No. 6 as Burgerville’s answer to the growing number of fast food restaurants that have joined the plant-based meat trend. The name No. 6 refers to the atomic number for carbon, according to the company, emphasizing how “regenerative agriculture” practices can lead to healthy soil that can trap and store carbon rather than releasing it into the atmosphere.