Thursday, November 26, 2020
Nov. 26, 2020

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Letter: Call it what it is: Voter suppression


From the beginning Trump intimated rigged elections. He belittled voters, ballots, mail-in ballots, provisional ballots implying that the majority of them will be tainted. He has fired the head of voting security for telling America we had a safe and secure election as workers from both parties toiled diligently to count votes while cross-checking their validity. The leader of the Postal Service tried to sabotage mail boxes and sorting machines, while some state leaders limited ballot box drop-offs. And now, frivolous lawsuits that Trump’s lawyers are walking away from. Armed militias tried to intimidate America by threatening violence if Trump lost. Still, We The People, voted for new leadership.

There can only be two words to described the actions of this administration to over turn a fair election: Voter suppression.

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