Sunday, September 20, 2020
Sept. 20, 2020

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Letter: Make sure your vote counts


Please vote, and make sure your vote is counted! During the primary elections, 550,000 mail-in ballots were rejected across the U.S. Ballots are typically rejected if signatures on the envelope don’t match voter records or if the ballot arrives in the election office too late.

Sign your ballot envelope with care. Use ballot drop boxes to deposit your ballot, if at all possible.

In Clark County, there are ballot drop boxes in Amboy, Battle Ground, Brush Prairie, Camas, La Center, Ridgefield, Washougal, Yacolt, and throughout Vancouver. Check the county elections website for exact locations.

If you absolutely need to send your ballot through the mail, the Postal Service recommends mailing at least one week prior to Election Day. Election Day is Nov. 3, so ballots should be mailed before Tuesday, Oct. 27. I recommend mailing them even earlier to ensure your vote is counted.

In Washington, ballots will be in your mailboxes starting Oct. 16. I will be completing my ballot the day I receive it and getting it in a county drop box immediately. I encourage you to do the same. This could be the most important election of our lives.

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