Tuesday, April 13, 2021
April 13, 2021

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Letter: More parks, trees beneficial


The proposed Vancouver Innovation Center Development in Fisher’s Landing will change the dynamic of our community. However, mixed-use building heights of 100 feet or 10-story buildings in a suburban setting will frankly devastate this community. Even the 65-foot max building height of multifamily residential directly adjacent to two-story single-family homes will feel like skyscrapers in this area. Portland and other cities build tall buildings next to one-story single-family homes, and as a result, those homes lose exposure to sun and air circulation.

The prioritization of development in this area seems to be catching up with our infrastructure and park space. With little open area left for the city to acquire, it will be hard to chip away at the 186-acre community park deficit.

More parks and more trees provide a better environment and planet. They also enhance the visual character of a place and would go a long way toward Vancouver not feeling so overdeveloped.

We need a city ouncil that prioritizes its citizens over out-of-state developers.

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