Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Sept. 21, 2021

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Check It Out: Go green with this week’s titles

The Columbian

It’s all about green in this week’s colorful Check It Out column. My “summer colors” theme continues on with a bibliographic greenery of picture books highlighting pants, gardens, an umbrella, even a donkey and a lion, and all of these wonderful things celebrate the color of shamrocks and emeralds.

When spring arrives, I love spotting the first green shoots of daffodils pushing through the dirt as well as the bright green buds of leaves popping on the trees. Green fills the eyes all summer long as grass grows, tomato plants flourish and flowers everywhere are propped up by strong, green stems. Can you tell that green makes me happy? It isn’t just the outside green that keeps me smiling. How about tasty green food? Key lime pie and mint chocolate chip ice cream for a sweet tooth; steamed asparagus and spinach salad for veggie cravings. My husband thinks I must be part rabbit with all of the salads I eat — well, maybe I am. Basically, if it’s green and crunchy, I’m eating it. Some-bunny has to nibble the greens.

There is another reason the color green fills me with joy. Green was my dad’s favorite color, and he especially loved green glass. I still find myself drawn to pieces of emerald-hued glass wherever I go.

I hope you and your little ones, family and friends alike, will enjoy some delightful, green-themed reads during summer’s green-as-a-garden, sun-filled days.

  • “Grandpa Green” written and illustrated by Lane Smith.
  • “Green Pants” written and illustrated by Kenneth Kraegel.
  • “The Green Umbrella” written by Jackie Azua Kramer, illustrated by Maral Sassouni.
  • “Little Green Donkey” written and illustrated by Anuska Allepuz.
  • “My Busy Green Garden” written by Terry Pierce, illustrated by Carol Schwartz.
  • “Nibbles’ Garden: Another Green Tale” written and illustrated by Charlotte Middleton.
  • “Red Light, Green Lion” written by Candace Ryan, illustrated by Jennifer Yerkes.